Saturday, July 23, 2011

The end of HP movies

Did you see the last Harry Potter movie?
Kyle loves this series and has read the books multiple times. I enjoy it, but was pleasantly surprised. If you haven't seen it yet, you better go - it was awesome!

2 years old and twice as fast

Dilyn and his birthday prizes.
The cake I made for him. I attempted to make a home plate with ball cupcakes. It turned out okay, but at least it was good to eat.
Six Flags Marine World trip. We got season passes and have been three times this summer. Kyle is in the front, my brother Jason and nephew Josh are in the second swing.
Dilyn loves the merry go round. I always get dizzy before he finally decides to get off. His favorite one to ride was the elephant.
Eric (cousin) is next to him.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Powell - Houseboating in Utah

Going to Lake Powell is always a blast, but this was Dilyn's first time. He loved playing in the sand and the water with his cousins. Dilyn, Brooklyn and Bronson trying to build sand castles without Dilyn knocking them over. That was the tricky part.
Paula, Dilyn and Jenna floating together.
Dilyn jumped off the house boat a billion times and never wanted to stop.
Dilyn is helping get the rope ready for Kyle and I to ski.
Dilyn in his cool shades and life jacket. I am glad he liked wearing his life jacket or it would have been a hard week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First stop - Idaho

Kaitlyn caught a fish - Dilyn says "pet, fish"
Dilyn wanted to go on the four wheeler all day - "anyone want to take me?"
Grandpa Nebeker did.
The whole Mark Nebeker Family at Shoshone Falls.
Dilyn riding the horse - he had mixed feelings. He kept asking to ride it, but then he wanted to get off soon.
We went on a few vacations this summer - starting with visiting Kyle's family in Hagerman, Idaho. Dilyn loved riding horses, the four wheeler, fishing, and playing in the creek on their property. We had a Nebeker reunion and we had a great time getting together with all of Kyle's extended family.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dilyn loves ...

Dilyn is almost 2 (June 1st), he loves... To be thrown in the air Given piggy back rides Go to the park Eat grapes Copy everything you say.. which is a fun one (be careful). He says "oh, man" a lot now :)

I tried to catch him in mid air - wasn't very successful

On the tire swing - which he loves to do
Going to the park with Grandma is becoming a tradition (at least every other weekend). I'm glad we live so close - love ya mom!
Climbing up the rope ladder.
Finally got a picture with him looking at me, he never holds still enough for me to get one.

Family Visits and Dilyn's New Bed

Having family over in the last few months for President's week and my birthday was fun. Thanks grandma, Palma, Ruth, and Jason and Brianne for making the trip to CA.

Dilyn, Josh and Eric (cousins) ready for church.

Josh (cousin) was a good poser for the camera.
Great grandma Park came to play - Dilyn loved eating her french fries

Can't go wrong at In n out.

This is Dilyn's new big boy bed (a twin bed on the floor). We got cars bedding for a great price around the Christmas sale time, so here it is. Dilyn loves playing and jumping on the bed, but when it comes to actually sleeping that is a different story. It's been fun trying to get him to stay in bed. (any ideas?) Some days are better than others.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, sorry I have been in outer space (student teaching) for 4 months. Full time school and being a mom was crazy enough, then add full time teaching to it. Wow, I have never been so busy in my whole life. Well, I just finished so I am so excited to have my teaching credential.
Guess what - I already got a job. I will be teaching at Roseville High School starting January 3rd teaching Geometry. I am so excited to have my own room.
I hope you enjoy the 5 posts I just put up from the past 4 months. Dilyn is growing and getting so big, what a funny guy.